'empowering students with skills and values through the art of Taekwon-Do, building a more peaceful world'.

Taranaki Taekwon-Do 1993 to 2017
If you are looking for something different in your life that offers
Self Defence, Fitness, Flexibility, Confidence, Friendship, A sense of belonging, And most of all a fun place to be with quality instruction then come along and give us a try you have nothing to lose. 
6th November 2016
Examiners: Kirsten Livingstone 6th Degree & Brent Flynn 4th Degree

Anya Darling to 1st Gup - A Pass
Carina Flannagan to 2nd Gup

Iris Pease to 4th Gup

Brandon Taing to 5th Gup - A Pass
Sarah Taing to 5th Gup - A Pass

Greer Parkes to 7th Gup 
Hannah Montala to 7th Gup- A Pass
Chloe Muir to 7th Gup
Emma Muir to 7th Gup
Sarah Kupe to 7th Gup
Isaac O'Doherty to 7th Gup
Cohen Coombes to 7th Gup
Craig O'Doherty to 7th Gup - A Pass
Callum Buchanan-Brown to 7th Gup
Benjamin Aberdein to 7th Gup - A Pass
Alfie Helion to 7th Gup
Jeremy Ward to 7th Gup
Ponamu Karikari to 7th Gup
Zac Standen to 7th Gup
Josh Bruce to 7th Gup 

Jackie Muir to 8th Gup - A Pass
Tim Balo to 8th Gup
Joseph Palmer to 8th Gup - A Pass

Hamish Perry to 9th Gup
Olivia Perry to to 9th Gup